Upping your eco credentials

Wed 13th June 2018
Hints & Tips

With the rejection of the proposed ‘latte levy’, it’s now up to retailers to act to reduce plastic and up their eco credentials. But what can you do to improve your environmental impact – and potentially even profit from it?


One of the immediate changes you can do is to call a staff meeting and communicate to your team what changes you want to make, and why. Remind them about all the little things they can do to cut their carbon footprint, such as using public transport to get into work rather than driving. Tell them what you’d like them to keep an eye on – ask them not to use disposable blue roll when a reusable cloth is good enough for example, as long as it doesn’t compromise food hygiene. And walk them through the most energy-efficient ways of using appliances such as turning off lights and electrical equipment after hours.

Simple switches include replacing sugar sachets with dispensers to save on packaging. Switch plastic straws for biodegradable paper straws, but offer them only when requested to discourage unnecessary use. Also consider offering discounts to customers who bring their own takeaway cup.

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