teapigs' guide to Matcha

Wed 9th January 2019

Matcha is that bright green super powered green tea that people have been talking about for years! But what exactly is it? Why should you be serving it to your customers? And how can you easily incorporate it into your menu? Don’t worry…teapigs have all the answers.

What is matcha?

Matcha is a super powered green tea from Japan. Unlike regular green tea, matcha is grown under shade; this increases its chlorophyll content (the green bit of the plant containing all the antioxidants and nutrients) and that’s what makes it super powered! The nutrient-filled leaves are then ground into a fine powder which you whisk straight into liquid - meaning you consume so much more goodness than with regular green tea (where the leaves are steeped and then thrown away with the teabag.)

Good to know

  • Genuine matcha is a loose powder - if it's in a teabag, it's not the real deal (it will usually be a regular green tea with a tiny bit of matcha)!
  • The best quality matcha is bright BRIGHT green (containing lots of chlorophyll). It's sweet tasting and not at all bitter. The difference in the dull matcha teabag in the photo below and teapigs’ premium and organic matcha is clear.

Up your latte game this year

Following the success of their single-serve matcha sachets, teapigs, the UK’s leading super premium tea company, have introduced larger 200g serving pouches in the most on-trend and delicious matcha flavours; cocoa, turmeric and chai. Made from real, premium, organic matcha and real spices, teapigs matcha is all natural and contain no fillers, sweeteners or milk powders – you just add hot milk.

Renowned for its abundant nutritional benefits, matcha has quickly become one of the most sought after health drinks and – while matcha is traditionally drunk as a hot tea it can also be added to fruit juices and smoothies. However the most popular way of drinking matcha is as a latte.

Louse, teapigs tea taster, says:

"The popularity of matcha and matcha lattes being purchased on the high street is off the scale. It takes a couple of minutes to make a latte and customers are asking for them more and more. We’ve used real ingredients that are full of flavour so you don’t need sweeteners - you can just add milk (our favourite is brown rice or almond milk because they have a natural sweetness)”.

Making a matcha latte is so easy - just whisk a spoon of matcha with a little milk and then top with foamed milk. It’s also delicious with alternative milks. Visit www.teapigs.co.uk for more recipes.

Why serve matcha?

Matcha is a growing trend. With snaps of bright green drinks everywhere on Instagram and matcha lattes all over the high street, customers expect to see a matcha latte on your menu.

Matcha has a nice healthy cash margin too as you should charge a similar price to a coffee latte.

Also, it’s delicious – which is always handy!

new! lower price If you're yet to try matcha, there couldn't be a better time! teapigs have just lowered the price of all their matcha blends - stock up today by giving teapigs a call on 0208 847 3980 or emailing [email protected]


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