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Wed 19th February 2020
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Callebaut and Van Houten have created a range of finest chocolate beverage products to offer operators the perfect solution for indulgent hot drink menus. Operators can choose from milk, white, dark and even gold caramel chocolate to suit all preferences and serve something extra special. Callebaut is loved by pastry chefs for its fine Belgian chocolate and renowned for its full flavour, offering chocolate callets that can simply be melted into hot milk for a delicious, quality chocolate drink. Non-dairy alternatives, such as oat milk, work beautifully with the range.

The beverage collection also includes a variety of formats to meet operators’ equipment provision and specific requirements, including ground chocolate, cocoa mass, catering-sized and single-serve packs of Callebaut’s signature callets, single origin powders and three component powder. 

The Ground Dark Chocolate combines the wealth of authentic and overwhelming chocolate taste with great convenience in serving for busy bars and baristas. Additionally, the Ground White Chocolate boasts the rich character of a creamy white chocolate taste. Both variants easily steam up with milk or non-dairy alternatives to create a frothy cup of pure indulgence.

Cross-selling opportunities

Hot beverages offer a prime opportunity for operators to cross-sell and increase incremental purchases. Breakfast croissants paired with a tea, coffee or hot chocolate is a popular combination. Adding a dipping pot of Callebaut real Belgian chocolate sauce on the side provides the opportunity to sell at a premium. 75% of dessert consumers order a high-quality chocolate beverage out of home, and one in ten consumers order one on most visits*, proving there is an appetite for dessert and beverage combination deals.

Hot chocolate also presents the perfect opportunity to upsell. The addition of toppings and the use of different flavours of chocolate allows for customisation – something consumers are often happy to pay a premium for. Callebaut also provides a collection of inclusions, which can top beverages including chocolate shavings to provide a full solution.

Anna Sentance, Gourmet Marketing Manager, Callebaut UK and Ireland

About Callebaut:

Using only the best ingredients, Callebaut® has been crafting its finest Belgian Chocolate for more than 100 years. Made with dedication passed on from generation to generation, Callebaut® chocolate enables chefs, hotel caterers, restaurant owners and operators to create outstanding all-day menus that will leave a lasting impression with their customers. Discover the Callebaut® callet range including 70-30-38 Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate (70% Min. Cocoa), 811 Finest Belgian Dark Chocolate (54.5% Min. Cocoa), 823 Finest Belgian Milk Chocolate (33.6% Min. Cocoa), W2 Finest Belgian White Chocolate (28% Min. Cocoa) and Gold Finest Belgian Caramel Callets (30.4% Min. Cocoa).

For more inspiration, check out serving suggestions online at fortheloveofchoc.com

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*Callebaut Dessert Report, CGA, 2020

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