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Marco Beverage Systems

Coffee Machinery, Equipment Maintenance

It is a very unfair thing indeed, but up until very recently, the trade suffered from a problem called ‘espresso-ism’ – that is, espresso-based coffees were the fashionable drinks which got all the glory, and things like tea and filter coffee were regarded as something slightly less ‘cool’. 

Certainly, the art of boiling water for such things was not seen as needing any kind of skill. Suddenly, we all know better, and the beverage gurus are falling over themselves to show that good filter coffees and great teas are very wonderful beverages indeed, and very profitable for the café and tea-room. And beside this has come the appreciation that certain companies who specialise in the heating of water have actually been doing some terrific technical work in recent years, even if they didn’t get the praise for it.

At Marco Beverage Systems, the Dublin-based manufacturer, there is keen and questioning attitude to the treatment of water, which has led to a great deal of practical support for café and tea-room operators, who require absolute precision in the heating of their water – green teas, white teas, oolongs and the like all need different brewing temperatures, and are too delicate to be left to a Saturday part-time waitress and a kitchen kettle.

And at the same time, there has come a new appreciation that filter coffees, too, have their own ‘sweet spot’ brewing temperatures and need just as much care.  Having watched all this develop for years, Marco unveiled a surprising product which drew the attention of the entire beverage trade – the ‘uber-boiler’, which promises a delicacy of temperature-control previously unknown in the preparation of top-quality teas and filter coffees.


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