Innovative coffee technology from WMF

Tue 14th May 2019
News, Products

With its innovative Fresh Filtered Coffee technology, designed for the WMF 1500 S+ and WMF 5000 S+ automatic speciality machines, the German coffee machine manufacturer is bringing together the best features of two different worlds – making it possible to produce both coffee specialities and fresh filtered coffee using a single machine. The revolutionary technology is based on a bean-to-cup brewing cycle that is able to accommodate both popular speciality beverages and fresh filtered coffee. For each cup, the machine starts by freshly grinding and brewing a café crème or espresso; this is then filtered in the patented filter capsule and dispensed. This process removes any sediment or oils, allowing the fresh filtered coffee to develop its characteristic aromatic taste. And to make everything even more convenient for users, there is a choice of different milk systems: Dynamic Milk, Easy Milk or Basic Milk, so coffee specialities and fresh filtered coffee can both be produced and served with milk.

In almost every area of the restaurant and hospitality business, having an appealing range of coffees on offer is a key sales driver. Quite apart from hotels and restaurants themselves, in fact, there are hardly any areas of the catering sector that would operate smoothly without the ability to serve up some black gold – it is impossible to imagine a bakery or kiosk not having it for sale. This is what has driven WMF to combine the technology required for espresso-based specialities and fresh filtered coffee in a single machine.


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