Five healthy 'must-haves' for your summer menu

Wed 12th June 2019
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Consumers are becoming increasingly selective about their dietary choices as they become more conscious of their waistlines.

The UK coffee shop segment has achieved 20 consecutive years of outlet and revenue growth but one key trend shaping the market is health and wellness. There is a huge demand for food and drink made from natural and organic ingredients and/or offering sugar-free, gluten-free or fat-free options. The trend is particularly prominent amongst millennials so for coffee shops hoping to attract a younger audience, here are five “must-haves” for your summer menu.

Loose leaf tea

We take the view that serving customers a cup of tea made from a dusty teabag is like serving customers a mug of instant coffee! Instead, operators can drive purchases by offering a premium range of speciality, fruit and herbal loose-leaf tea.

Loose tea tastes better, has more health benefits and its carbon footprint is about ten times smaller than bagged tea. Plus, with tea drinkers willing to spend at least £2.20 per cup (National Tea Day 2018), loose leaf tea offers a brilliant ROI:


500g of Change Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea costs £17.50.

It makes approximately 150 cups of tea.

At £2.20 per cup, you can expect to make £330.

Loose leaf tea gives operators the flexibility to be creative with their tea range throughout the year. In summer, we recommend operators to go for lighter and more fruity blends such as Change Mixed Fruit, Change Lemon & Ginger and Change Mint Choc.

Cold brew

Cold brew has been the buzz term on the international coffee scene for a couple of years. It’s fast becoming a universal substitute for soft drinks and works all year round as a light and refreshing alternative to hot beverages - but still with that all-important caffeine kick.

The method involves steeping ground coffee beans in cold (or room temperature) water for 24 hours before being diluted and served chilled. It results in a sweeter and more mellow flavour which is much less acidic and bitter than a traditional coffee, negating the need for milk and sugar and making it a healthier summer option. It's also greener than hot brew coffee as it doesn't require heat or electricity. 

For operators the appeal should be clear: as well as being on-trend, cold coffee is a premium item so you can charge a premium price tag. A cold brew in Costa will set you back at least £2.60.


Create a booze-free buzz for the people who want less than a cocktail but more than a soft drink this summer. There are many reasons why people ask for mocktails and it’s not solely down to health concerns – they could be driving, pregnant, waiting for pay day or a non-drinker – and it’s important not to discount these customers.

Share the word on social media that your mocktails are only available during the summer. Limited-edition beverages always go down a treat and a bit of FOMO (fear of missing out) will drive footfall and purchases.

Our range of award-winning Luscombe soft drinks are perfect for creating delicious mocktails. Made from premium organic ingredients, Luscombe soft drinks are entirely free from concentrates, additives, preservatives, colourings, artificial flavourings and enhancers. We’re offering 20% off all Luscombe soft drinks when you purchase online before the end of June. *

Recipe: To make a Pink Blush mocktail, simply pour 4 parts Luscombe Wild Elderflower Bubbly and 1-part Luscome Strawberry Crush into a highball over plenty of ice and stir. Add a thin slice of lemon, mint leaves or rose petals to taste.

 *Discount applied automatically at checkout.


Growing in popularity every year, milkshakes are a tasty way for customers to cool off in the summer and a fantastic revenue earner for operators. Our range of Shmoo milkshakes are very different from the indulgent, rich, ice cream treat that you might usually expect to see in an American diner.

They are 99% fat-free, gluten-free, devoid of any GMOs, contain no artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives, and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans – they are also a totally delicious, guilt-free option for kids and adults alike! You can also expect to make a profit of at least £1.68 per cup sold.

Our milkshake starter kit includes:

3 x 1.8kg tubs of Shmoo milkshake powder in strawberry, chocolate and banana 

300 branded disposable cups (small, large or mixed), lids and straws

3 x bags of toppings (plus containers to keep them in)

4 x cans of whipped cream

Spindle mixer

Point of sale advertising including laminated poster, countertop display, menu board

Total cost: £327.50



As the days get longer and brighter throughout summer, consumers start to crave sweet and refreshing drinks like fruit smoothies. Technomic’s 2018 Future of LSR report showed that the popularity of smoothies is continuing to grow with smoothie mentions up 40% on menus in fast-casual restaurants.

Adding smoothies to your summer menu is a great way to increase footfall. They are liked by people of all ages and can be enjoyed throughout the day – as a breakfast treat, a standalone snack, an afternoon pick-me-up or even paired with a light lunch. Plus, with low operational costs, smoothies are also a fantastic way to boost profits.

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