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BWT – Europe’s leading water technology experts are proud to supply water solutions to the hospitality industry, for: food creation, housekeeping, equipment protection, and the delivery of enhanced hot and cold beverages.

We are world-renowned manufactures of patented water treatment solutions that produce excellent water for coffee, tea and other catering applications. We are proud of the unique and patented magnesium release technology that makes our cartridge - bestmax premium - the ideal choice for barista champions across the world.  

Magnesium Mineralized Water is a key flavour carrier in coffee. It delivers a pleasant, rounded taste that maintains the correct amount of acidity and sweetness by shifting the concentration of mineral content. Not only do coffee and tea taste better but also by reducing the level of calcium, which forms limescale, your vital coffee making equipment is protected against costly limescale and corrosion.

Our solutions stretch beyond advanced filter cartridge technology into water softening, water conditioning, reverse osmosis and ultra violet disinfection making BWT the natural choice for all your water treatment needs throughout your business.  

BWT is more than just a name. We endeavour to provide high quality water that delivers a richer taste and is beneficial to your health and the environment – this is our promise to you.  

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